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Coal Slurry: an Idea that Came and Went

During the coal boom of the 1970s slurry pipelines were proposed as an alternative to rail transport. Coal would be crushed then mixed with water to create a slurry and sent via pipeline to its destination where the mixture was dried then burned. When in the pipeline the slurry moved along at a leisurely four miles an hour.

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Coal Water Slurry referred to as “CWS” is an environment friendly coal based liquid fuel that can be . used to replace petroleum. It is prepared through particular technical process from 65%~70% coal 29%~34% water and minor 1% quantities of chemical additives.

Improving stability of concentrated coal–water slurry

The possibility of the use of surfactant mixture in stabilization of coal-water slurry CWS has been explored. The nonionic-anionic surfactant mixture decreases the viscosity more compared to nonionic- ionic surfactant system. The CWS follows Bingham plastic model in presence of surfactant mixtures.

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The production of coal-water slurry fuel involves the crushing of coal or coal sludge to particles between 10 and 65 micrometers diameter standard crushers can be used ; wet milling and homogenisation with additives as required . The resulting product coal slurry is then prepared for intermediate storage or transport.

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The OMB coal water slurry CWS gasifi ion process is a downflow entrained slagging gasifier that has some advanced features compared to other CWS gasifi ion processes. An illustration of the gasifi ion system is shown in Fig. 8.14.

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Figure 7 GE& 39;s accumulator injector nozzle and fuel system. 23 Coal and water slurry are known as coal water fuels CWF coal water slurry CWS and. US4282006A - Coal-water slurry and method for its preparation coal dry basis make the coal-water slurry especially advantageous for & 34;Research and Development for Slurry Pipeline System Design

Here& 39;s What 7.8 Billion Gallons of Toxic Coal Sludge Looks

The water was orange due to a leak from an underground mine in the mountain in front of us. The man successfully sued the coal company & 34;Thanks to Coal River Mountain Watch& 34; added Junior and now the company has to bring him all his water. As we stood staring at the grotesque orange stream a frog moved in the water.

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Coal milling. Coal-water slurry fuel CWSF consists of 55-70% of finely ground coal and 30-45% of water and plasticizer. The presence of water in CWSF reduc


PENConsulting has engaged in studies for the commercial appli ion of coal water slurry CWS to provide clean coal based fuel for industrial boilers and steam turbine power plants in Indonesia utilizing Indonesia produced coal.

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best system to make coal water slurry