grinding stone deburring


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Alternatively you can just take a coarse to medium stone and sharpen both sides until the knife feels significantly sharper to you. I still recommend deburring in that case. Either way

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Thanks CK. Based on your advice I just ordered a Shapton #2000 ceramic stone from Amazon Japan. I'm hoping that I can do a full sharpening (#1000 stone -> #2000 stone -> #5000

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Belt grinders can cause a little more difficulty in deburring than stones (mainly just because you can kick up a really large burr quite quickly). Giving the knife a couple very brief

SHUN knives Chipping while sharpening - Cookware

Your stone doesn't have little chips or divots or crumbling spots at its edges does it? Also you're not giving the knife some swipes with a ribbed steel immediately before or

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So it could be that grinding is more important but it takes much more money to get a high quality burr grinder (whatever it may be) then to just get a $30 air popper. Reply Eiron Jan 16

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The stones probably clogged well before they were able to ever get to and create an edge. I bought a piece of crap cleaver shaped piece of stamped steel at goodwill this week (for 75¢!!!)

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The standard German knives are tough but their edges are softer compared to others. This means if you use a hard cutting board the German knife edge will early roll up and the edge is no

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I spent about 1/2 hr working it on a Spyderco medium ceramic bench stone Monday night. I used the stone completely dry & made decent progress but it was still quite a ways from sharp

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I have a full set of oil and water stones. I have even paid (ughhh) to have the knives sharpened -- and within a day or two: dead. My regular routine is to set a primary edge of about 20

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Kings tend to get overlooked compared to the premium brands but that's a good stone. Coarse enough to remove scratches quickly from a DMT or bester 500. Fine enough to leave a

Weekend project - made a leather strop! - Cookware - Chowhound

In my experience my knives ofteny have problems slicing paper when finished on a 1000 grit stone WITHOUT deburring. So what you experienced seems very normal to me. When you strop you

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grinding stone deburring