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With some older workers sitting on sidelines teens are rushing in to fill jobs void drawn by higher pay and openings. Jun 10 Federal judge halts federal aid program for minority farmers

U.S. created fewest number of jobs in seven months in

"We are creating careers not just jobs I think that's a positive" said Kinahan. Conversely employment in mining fell by 7000 in April with the industry down 191000

How the Dow can finally get back to 18000 - CBS News

The jobs report had a "goldilocks by mining and materials stocks sensitive to the vagaries of the business cycle. and an analyst with Moss Adams focusing on the financial

Janet Yellen's easy money hits the dollar - CBS News

Janet Yellen's easy money hits the dollar. Janet Yellen's first appearance in front of Congress as the first women to head the Federal Reserve was as expected. She's a

LinkedIn: 50 best companies for career growth in the US

In-demand jobs: digital specialist field sales specialist business systems analyst Good to know: During the pandemic people counted on Alphabet—the parent company of Google YouTube and

West Virginia poverty gets worse under Trump economy not

Jobs in low-wage industries have grown 14.5 percent since 2001 in West Virginia compared with a decline of 2.8 percent in jobs that pay higher wages during the same time according to the

The 5 highest-paying IT career paths - TechRepublic

Top IT jobs and hiring trends for 2018 listed in Tech Pro Research survey. Data Warehouse Analyst: $77000 - $100000. 5. Networking according to the report: Business intelligence

Everything that's going wrong for Facebook right now - CBS

The company has lost $73 billion in value in the 10 days since the Cambridge Analytica story broke on March 17. Facebook's stock price stabilized on Monday after the FTC confirmed its

9 jobs with top work-life balance - CBS News

Latest MoneyWatch headlines 01:03. The 40-hour work week might seem like a fantasy to many Americans who are either putting in late nights and weekends or working two or more jobs to make

These 15 entry-level tech jobs pay well even without a

Many of the tech industry jobs up for grabs in 2021 pay incredibly well even at the entry-level for candidates who have experience and skill but not a college degree to back it up. These

How changing careers after age 45 can pay off in the long

Benefits of mid-life career change 01:53. NEW YORK -- The era of working for one company and retiring with a gold watch has gone the way of the Edsel.

20 hot jobs that pay more than $150k - CBS News

The number of jobs for airline pilots is expected to grow 5 percent by 2024. To become an airline pilot you typically need a bachelor's degree and to complete coursework in physics

Engineering careers are hot. Here's how women can catapult

Technology may not be completely bulletproof but as far as jobs are concerned it was the best-bet industry to be in this year because every role from IT to engineering was seriously in

Trump's economic score: After tax cuts not too much - CBS

Carrier however has still cut several hundred jobs there. Delivering on his job promises will be difficult in other instances as well. Consider coal mining which Mr. Trump has targeted

90 percent of tech jobs growth concentrated in just 5

Job growth in tech clustered in a few cities 03:17. Although the high-tech industry remains an important source of employment growth in the U.S. many of those jobs are concentrated in a

BlackRock cuts jobs turning to computers for stock

NEW YORK - BlackRock is overhauling its actively managed equities business cutting jobs dropping fees and relying more on computers to pick stocks the company said on Tuesday.The shift

Janet Yellen's easy money hits the dollar - CBS News

The level of job openings suggests the unemployment rate should be nearer to 5.5 percent suggestive of frictions and inefficiencies such as the inability of people to move to where the

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business analyst mining industry jobs jobs