kaolin ore mining area wow


Best place to farm Mithril Truesilver and Thorium ore

Best place to farm Mithril Truesilver and Thorium ore? Topic. Moral of the story: No pants. Mithril in the Hinterlands Thorium in Ungoro Plaguelands or Sithilus. I find the Badlands

Best place to mine Thorium Ore? - World of Warcraft

Yeah if you don't get your mining to 300 before outland you don't get to make any mining cash so its well worth doing and thorium sells for more than thorium on the couple of

Good places to mine 275 - 300? - World of Warcraft

I'm getting really frustrated. All the deposits in outland are 300+ (I'm currently 62) but my mining is only 275. The only places I can sorta kinda find a tiny bit of ore are in

Mining - how/when does ore respawn - World of Warcraft

Sometimes they are not in the EXACT same area but VERY close. Generally the higher level of the ore the longer it takes to respawn but the difference in time is very small. Copper will

Thorium ore for Mining/JC etc at lvl 55 - World of Warcraft

My mining is 270 so i need Thorium Ore nodes to get it to 300 and all the ore will go to JC to get it to 300 as well (its currently 265). So what areas are Thorium rich and what level

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kaolin ore mining area wow