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Black Kyanite Frequency. Get the quantum vibrational frequency of Black Kyanite crystal Black Kyanite crystal provides the ultimate protection from the negativity of any kind as it repairs the physical spiritual emotional and mental bodies all while keeping the person grounded and centered.

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Colour : Black. Chakra : Base. Physical : Heals infections and lowers blood pressure. Clears energy blocks and replenishes meridian system. Spiritual : Both grounding energising and protective – excellent for meditation as can never be negative. Also excellent for any form of energetic healing. Affirmation: I joyfully cross the bridge that leads to my inner healing.

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Black Kyanite Chakra s : All but especially the Earth Star Heart and Third Eye Chakra Elements: Earth. Air and Spirit Energy: Projective and Receptive Numbers: 4 and 6 Planet: Earth Mars and Saturn Zodiac: Capricorn Taurus and Virgo Transmits extremely high frequency energies and amplifies other high fr


Black Kyanite crystal is completely changing my life and giving me my energy back. It is said that Black Kyanite repairs holes and tears in your energy field

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All chakras are stimulated by Black Kyanite’s energy with a special emphasis on the third eye. Black Kyanite is one of the only grounding/protecting stones that does not bring you to that “low’ or grounding frequency it keeps energies high while keeping the aura safe. Kyanite is one of very few stones that requires little to no cleansing .

Black Kyanite: The Ultimate Guide to Meaning Properties

Black Kyanite stimulates root chakras and earth star. The protective vibration from this gemstone keeps you safe during mediation. It is one of the great healers as it posses both grounding and energizing abilities within itself. Black kyanite is helpful in reducing pain fever and blood pressure and helps to stabilize the adrenals.

Black Kyanite Gemstone Uses and Crystal Healing Properties

Black Kyanite amplifies the third eye giving access to receive energies from other realms to amplify channeling and psychic abilities. It& 39;s a great tool to use for lucid dreaming and astral travel. It also increases telepathy helping communi e with people remotely as well as higher beings.

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Connect with the Black Kyanite properties to make sure that your energy reserves are built back up after giving love and support to others in need. Black Kyanite Along with its protective and cleansing properties the Black Kyanite meaning is also linked to the legend of Archangel Michael and his sword which was said to be made of Kyanite crystal.

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Solid copper wrapped black Kyanite The stone of protection for the empath and a must have crystal for anyone who works with energy in my opinion anyway It works so well to ground balance harmonize and reinforce the auric field. This piece can come on a hemp or leather cord with our signature amethyst bead. Some more information about this piece;

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black kyanite energetic