asphalt pulverizing specifications



The most widely used hot mix asphalt specifi ions in Maryland are those contained in the State Highway Administration Standard Specifi ions for Construction and Materials dated July 2008 including revisions and additions. The Maryland Asphalt Association recommends the use of these specifi ions. BASE DESIGNATIONS 19 MM Superpave

21 Spec - 325 Pulverized and Re-laid Pavement

Effective with the November 2020 Letting 2021 Standard Specifi ions 325 Pulverized and Re-laid Pavement 325.1 Description 1 This section describes full depth in-place pulverizing of the existing asphaltic pavement along with a portion of the underlying base and relaying the pulverized material to construct a new base.


This work consists of cutting of the existing asphalt mat pulverizing the existing asphalt mat shoulders mixing the pulverized asphalt mat with the existing subgrade existing base course or combination thereof to the specified depth grading and compacting the mixed material in accordance with and at lo ions as shown in the Contract.

Milling Pulverizing Stabilization - Mid Atlantic Asphalt

Asphalt pulverizing is done by using reclaimers. These machines grind the asphalt layer leaving the recycled base for laying new pavement. Road reclaimers can go up to 10 inches in depth. Pulverizing helps sustain ground conditions and provide stability for the new layer of asphalt.

Asphalt Pulverization Rock Solid Stabilization and Reclamation

Asphalt pulverization is a method of pavement rehabilitation that consists of pulverizing and grinding together the distressed layer of existing asphalt pavement along with a portion of the underlying base grading and compacting the resulting mixture creating a revitalized aggregate base.

Full Depth Reclamation and Stabilized Full Depth

Reclamation consists of pulverizing and mixing in-place asphalt materials with or without underlying base and with or without the addition of stabilizing agents such as asphalt additional aggregate cement or compaction aids. The material is then typically overlaid with a new asphalt pavement.


The asphalt required by these Specifi ions shall conform to the requirements of The Asphalt Institute for the type and grade shown below: Asphalt for Seal Coating CRS-2 or CRS-2P Article 2.3 Cover Aggregate A. General Cover aggregate shall consist of crushed gravel and shall be sound durable free

Asphalt Pulverizing - An Asphalt Recycling Process

Pulverizing is a process that grinds up existing surface layers right in place blending the asphalt layers with any sub-layers essentially creating a new paving mix using all the old materials.

Road Construction Milling Pulverizing Road Widening

Where full-depth reclamation pulverization turns asphalt into a gravel-like material milling actually removes a layer of material-depths ranging from 1/10th of an inch up to 10 inches-leaving the remaining depths intact. Wirtgen 220i Mill capable of profile milling up to 7 foot 2 inches wide and up to 10 inches in depth

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asphalt pulverizing specifications