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Quartz sand beneficiation using magnetic and electrostatic

Quartz sand beneficiation using magnetic and electrostatic separation to glass industries Ben Fradj Manel1 Gallala Wissem2 and Abdeljaouad Saadi1 1 Geology Department Faculty of Sciences Tunis-El Manar University Tunisia. 2 Higher Institute Of Fine Arts University of Sousse Tunisia. bf.manel hotmail.fr Received date: May 06 2016; revised date: June 28 2016; accepted date: June 28 2016

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The electrostatic separation of conductors is one method of beneficiation; another common beneficiation method is magnetic beneficiation. Electrostatic separation is a preferred sorting method when dealing with separating conductors from electrostatic separation non-conductors.

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Tribo-Electrostatic Beneficiation of Recycled Polymers Review of Past Work and Discussion of an Improved Magnetic and Electrical Separation Vol. 11 No. 1-2 pp. 63-92 High electric field strength with moderate applied voltage typ. 8 - 20 kV

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Electrostatic separation is a valuable technique for heavy mineral sand beneficiation and the successful appli ion of this process to separate ultrafine <37 μm coal particles may present an opportunity to treat the fines produced in many currently operating mineral processing circuits that account for significant rare earth losses

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Electrostatic Beneficiation. Electrostatic beneficiation is similar to magnetic beneficiation except that instead of using magnetic attraction electrostatic attraction/repulsion is used. The material gathered is electrically charged by either running it over a charged surface or using an electron beam.

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3 Electrostatic beneficiation . In addition to talc talc also contains minerals such as magnesite magnetite pyrite tremolite etc. with an embedded particle size of about 0.5 mm. In an electrostatic field the talc is negatively charged and the magnesite belt is positive.

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Thus beneficiation separates minerals according to their electrostatic affinity as well as their different densities with gravity or the centrifugal force . The grains are charged by any of the following methods: charging the screen that sieves them or charging another surface which they slide over or a diffuse electron beam as they fall.

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In copying machines electrostatic force is used to pull toner particles away horn iron carrier particles which are held back by magnetic force. Aerodynamic force is used in test instruments for measuring the charge to mass ratio on toners. A similar system of milling and removal is desired for use with the small coal particles.

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electrostatic beneficiation magnetic